Palworld: Pokémon with Guns Hits Early Access, Game Pass Launch Confirmed!

Get ready for a wild ride because Palworld, the game that raises eyebrows by fusing Pokémon cuteness with heavy weaponry, is gearing up for an early access launch. In a new trailer dropped on January 9, developers PocketPair confirmed that the controversial title will be hitting Steam on January 19. Brace yourselves, Xbox fans, as Palworld will also be storming onto Game Pass on the very same day, bringing a Pokémon-esque experience with a twist to Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

Remember that bizarre trailer from 2021? Well, it turns out Palworld is not just a peculiar blend of Pokémon and guns; it throws in a dash of Minecraft and Fortnite as well. The game’s premise lets you do more than just collect and battle these Pokémon-like creatures, known as Pals. You can hunt, fight, sell, eat, and even put them to work in factories until, well, they meet an untimely end.

While the trailer showcases the adorable Pals, resembling Pokémon, wielding firearms, Palworld is more than a game of hunting them down with heavy artillery. It features base building, crafting, dungeons, enemy factions, colossal Pal bosses, mounts, and multiplayer action. At launch, Palworld will support up to 32 players, with PvP options in the pipeline. PocketPair has also spilled the beans on plans to introduce additional Pal types post-launch.

The big question looms: Is Palworld destined for greatness or just a short-lived novelty? The answer remains elusive, but with its imminent Game Pass debut, the quirky title is bound to draw the curious and captivate players ready for an offbeat gaming experience. Will Palworld become the unexpected dark horse in the Pokémon-inspired gaming universe? Only time will tell, and we’re all eagerly awaiting the release to find out!